Are we just wandering without a clear goal in our practice?

Ruben Diaz

When we say the word practice, we recall a variety of images and feelings, some immediately think of being seated with the metronome and just play finger exercises mechanically, some times more of a punishment than a musical experience, for some  practice is a way to escape from the painful aspects of life, for others rather an overflow of joy and creative dynamical experience like a kind of meditation.

The fact is that practicing is a challenge to our physical, mental and emotional being.

Some days we feel comfortable with the guitar, others we may feel stiff and uncoordinated, one minute a phrase flows smoothly, and the next second it suddenly falls apart.

So along with the practice often we experience tension and, frustration, some times even injuries…

So to free oneself from physical and emotional tension as we practice so that we can explore our full potential 100%, and

to diagnose or assess our current stage with the guitar, I invite any serious candidate to sincerely answer all of this questions one by one trying to explain as far as he/she can, this will help to clarify and ascertain our present situation with the instrument, leading to a brighter future if we decide so!



1)Is it an art to practice as well…?, or just to play, is the art…?

(yes or no, and why)

2) Are we unleashing and clearly expanding our innate musical talents 100 %…?,up to which percent I think I am being developing my technique…? (for example 30% etc) (answer yes or no, and why)

 3) Am I  fighting with the ghost of an unstable mind…,and/or with that deadly monster named lack of goal…?(yes or no, and  how?)

4) What’s our short term goal?  ( in technique for ex.)

5) What’s our long term goal?   ( in technique for ex.)

6) Are we enthusiastic to learn more…?or we are used to our technical  mediocrity in the name of that’s how “I” play…?

(yes or no, and why?)

7) Do we give room to ourselves to relax while we practice…?(yes or no, why and how?)

8) Of what does I think it depends success in my guitar practice…?(why)

9) Does it have something to do with how I sleep the previous night…?, or of what I ate the day before…?,(yes or no, and why?)

10)  Does it depend on the posture while playing…?(yes or no, and why or how?)

11) Or maybe it depends on the environment, like on how is settled the room in which we practice…?(yes or no, and why?)

12) Does it depend on proper breathing as well…?(yes or no, and why?)

13) Is it the time in the day or night, that I choose to practice that matters…?(yes or no, and why?)


14) Or is it that we do not even have a fixed hour to nurture our expontaneous discipline, or our disciplined expontaniety of practicing…?(yes or no, and how?)

15) But wait …do we even have discipline…?(yes or no, and why?)

16) Or expontaniety in practicing…? (yes or no, and why?)

17) Do we Know first of all what’s the meaning of this words…?(yes or no, say meaning)

18) Do I follow a routine…?(yes or no, why and how)

19) Or the routine of inertia with our instrument follows me…?(yes or no, why and how?)

20) Why is it that I can not go on steady even for a week or two continuously and conscientiously on a healthy program of  practice without failures, flaws and setbacks…?

21) Can I follow with fixity same amount of practice daily (ex. one hour of scales) (yes or no, and why?)

22) Am I practicing one day three hours, two days nothing etc. in this way irregularly…?(yes or no, and why?)

23)Do I feel  sometimes  bored, or even sleepy while practicing…?(yes or no, and why?)

24) Is it fault of my teacher maybe…?(yes or no, and how?)

25)    Or rather I would  prefer to not ask any of this questions…and live “happily”…? (yes or no, and why?)

26) Do I worry much about the past or future mentally while practicing…?(yes or no, and why this happens?)

27) Are we really present when we practice guitar…?(yes or no, and why?)

28) Or is it that only the gross body is present, and the mind is wandering here and there aimlessly…?(yes or no, and why?)

29) Can we really focus at all when we practice…?(yes or no, and why?)

30) Do I consider mandatory that I regard this questions in order to improve…?(yes or no, and why?)

31) Should I rather continue as I have been until now…?(yes or no, and why?)

32) Do I experience the (roller coaster of) irregular unsteady and unfruitful way of practicing…?(yes or no, and how?)

33) Do I believe that I can accomplish this venture of practicing properly without an expert guide…?(yes or no, and why?)

34) Do I want to continue being a victim of my own indifference regarding how I practice…?(yes or no, and why?)

35) Do I desire to become more causative and less effect in my guitar practice…?(yes or no, and why?)







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