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Intensive Coaching Workshops on Paco de Lucía's Technique and Style
For more information please contact the Workshops Manager Mr. Custodio Ferreira at:
The Paco de Lucia’s Technique and Style Intensive Coaching Workshop is a unique seminar designed to be delivered in a 3 days format for 3 different levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) in order to provide you a detailed approach to the study program. In this way you will be able to experience Paco de Lucía’s flamenco music in a genuine way. This is a unique opportunity for guitarrists and musicians in general who are either lovers of Paco de Lucia’s work or jazz players who would like to widden their creative horizons.
Skype Lessons
Musicians have benefited of the technological improvement in many fields. In learning music, the technology has become a very interesting resource to convey the knowledge to a wider public that, otherwise, would not have access to it. Ruben Díaz harness of this and delivers online private lessons worldwide. Please inquire for more information.

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