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Carroll-Diaz Duo

The Carroll-Diaz Duet brings together jazz guitarist, Rob Carroll, and flamenco guitarist, Ruben Diaz, in an acoustic setting on nylon string instruments. In performance, the duet  creates a blend of flamenco and modern jazz that incorporates elements of world music, ambient and contemporary  classical composition. In this setting, the material ranges from original music written for the duet  to  pieces form artists and composer that  include Paco de Lucia,  Leo Brower, Astor Piazolla and John McLaughlin.

Hispania Album Previews

let gloria para abhay caran
let fuego fatuo
let Hispania
let lydian five 2
let kurusaki
let enstasis dance
let copan
let flower to shiva

On the creative process for the album of the Carroll-Diaz Duo

let lidyan five

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