HOW to practice as opposed to WHAT to practice on guitar.

Ruben Diaz

Here are in a nutshell this basic tenets we need in order to advance .

  According to Pacos Technique or method, there are just TWO obstacles which can check your progress. 1-is JUMPING OVER THE GRADIENT; the gradient is a dynamical concept, and it is pretty complex to explain in 10 min. but we can say that it is, for example the speed at which I can do say a scale, or rasgueo very CLEAN WITH COMPLETE CONTROL OF THAT… and while we are practicing we should not jump over that, otherwise failure is guaranteed. And obstacle number 2 is MISCONCEPTION . so anyone that is not advancing on guitar,you can bet whatever you want, it is ONLY and ONLY because he is committing one, or both of these mistakes and that’s why he/she is not advancing or Stuck etc.

  Basically the conclusion is: What Paco says is that emphasis should be given more on HOW we practice rather than WHAT we practice, one should know WERE WE STAND NOW ,OR WERE WE ARE, first of all ,that is to know WITHOUT DOUBTS .So… where we are in the present moment… that is to measure or evaluate ones own level on different aspects and viewpoints etc, one should have for example, short and long term goals etc, ex. what is my level regarding scales, rhythm…  am I ok or not… ,all this questions on should ask to oneself very sincerely, UNDER THE PROPER GUIDANCE ,otherwise we may think we are very nice ,and perhaps is no the case. Therefore first one should seriously evaluate were we stand at the present moment, on a particular topic or aspect, and then DECIDE were we want to go, or what position we actually want to accomplish. If I sit on your car and just say drive...you will ask were do you want to go…similarly in guitar we MUST consider all these nuances and factors, otherwise we will never go beyond kinder garden…it is not a cheap process but it is possible to accomplish by ANY serious and determined guitar practitioner, I can guarantee you, that just to KNOW these topics in theory, what to speak of applying them every time we sit and embrace our guitar, it is already a big step and perhaps the most crucial towards a brighter future.






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